Tier 1

  • Iron
  • Steel

Tier 2

  • Dwarven Steel- The most perfect steel any smith could lay their hands on. This is the most common metal to be exported out of Kragnar. A hearty steel that has a brass tint to it. Weapons or armor made from this steel are heavy but balanced. It is the prefect metal for bludgeoning weapons or heavy armor.
  • Orcish Steel- This steel is heavy and crude; unlike the dwarven steel, weapons and armor made from this steel tend to break easily and cause terrible bleeding. Thus making it perfect for piercing weapons. Many tend to not use this steel, which makes it cheaper then its sister steels.
  • Eleven Steel- Though the Eleven Kingdom of Valen exports little of this metal out of its homeland, their are some smith across Luthia who know the secret to making it. It’s known to be the lightest of the steels; it tends to have an almost green shine in sun light. This steel is perfect for slashing weapons or light armor.

Tier 3

  • Obsidian- A midnight like black metal that in the right hands can be consider a very miracle of craftmanship. It is only found in the Mountains of Storm and solely controlled by the Dwarven Capital. Their are few smiths out side the Kragnar that have ever laid eyes on this metal much less are skilled enough to shape it into weapons or armor. It extremely heavy and dense which makes it the best metal for bludgeoning weapons or heavy armor . A Dwarven saying goes “Obsidian hammer is hard enough to crack a diamond through a dragon’s skull.”
  • Tenebrium- An almost ash purple colored metal. This metal is rarely seen out side of Rollan Isles. It is extremely toxic to many races and creatures in Runitha. Over the centuries of living near the ore; Orcs have built up an immunity to its effects which is why they use it mostly. Only smiths trained in the proper handling of the of this metal should try and shape it. This metal is usually used solely for weapons but Orc Chieftains have been know to wear full sets of it.
  • Mithril- A searing white metal. This metal is only found and mined in Valen. It is extremely rare to find it outside of Valen. The secret to shaping this metal into weapons and armor is guarded more heavily than a dragon guarding its treasure horde. Those that own a piece of Mithril armor or blade have said that is like holding nothing in your hand. It is the lightest metal in all of Runitha but as strong as a dragon’s scale; thus making it perfect for slashing weapons or light armor.

Tier 4

  • Crafted from creatures
  • Other planes
  • Magical Items

All of the items (excluding chains) in the shop are based on the price of them as Iron (IP).
Steel-1.5 X (IP)
Dwarven steel- 3 X (IP)
Orcish Steel- 2 X (IP)
Eleven Steel- 5 X (IP)
Obsidian- 7 X (IP)
Tenebrium- 6 X (IP)
Mithril- 9 X (IP)


Iron 10ft 1,000
Steel 10ft 1,500
Steel(Barbed) 10ft 2,000
Dwarven 10ft 3,000
Dwarven(Barbed) 10ft 3,500
Orc 10ft 2,000
Orc(Barbed) 10ft 2,500
Eleven 10ft 5,000
Eleven(Barbed) 10ft 5,500
Obsidian 10ft 7,000
Obsidian(barbed) 10ft 7,500
Tenebrium 10ft 6,000
Tenebrium(barbed) 10ft 6,500
Mithril 10ft 9,000
Mithril(Barbed) 10ft 9,500

Light Armor

Leather Lamellar 1,500 gold – 2 AC + Dex modifier Disadvantage
Battle Robe 2,500 gold – 1 AC + Dex modifier
Leather Shoulder Guard 100 gold – 1 AC (partial armor)
Leather Belt 50 gold – 1 AC (partial armor)
Plague Doctor’s Outfit 4,000 gold – 2 AC
Pirate Garb 4,500 gold – 2 AC + Dex Mod

Medium Armor

Improvised Armor – 1 AC + Dex modifier (max 2) Disadvantage
Wood Armor 1,500 gold – 3 AC + Dex modifier (max 2) Disadvantage
Coat of Plates 5,000 gold – 2 AC + Dex modifier (max 2)
Samurai Armour 5,000 gold – 5 AC + Dex Modifier (Max 2) Disadvantage
Brigandine 10,000 gold – 4 AC + Dex modifier (max 2)
Plated Leather Armor 1500 gold – 3 AC + Dex modifier (max 2)
Plate Shoulder Guard 4500 gold – 2 AC (partial armor)

Heavy Armor

Lorica Segmentata 4,500 gold – 5 AC Disadvantage
Great Helm 1,500 gold – 1 AC
Fortress Armor 25,000 gold – 10 AC Disadvantage; no Bonuses


Buckler 500 gold – 1 AC
Tower Shield 2000 gold – 3 AC Disadvantage
Tower Shield (Variant) 3000 gold – 3 AC Disadvantage
Spring­loaded Shield 2500 gold 0/2 AC
Fencing Cloak – Special gold – 1 AC

Simple Melee Weapons

Amputation Knife 1,500 gold 1d6 slashing – Light, Finesse
Balisong 100 gold 1d4 Piercing – Finesse, Light
Bonesaw 1,500 gold 1d8 slashing – Finesse
Brandistock 1,000 gold 1d8 piercing – Special, two­handed
Iron Knuckle 1 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Light, hidden
Broad Claw 2,500 gold 1d4 slashing – Finesse, light.
Broken Sword 1 gold 1d4 piercing – Finesse, light
Cestus 1 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Light, special, Hidden
Dart 1 gold 1d3 piercing – Finesse, undersized, thrown (range 30/60).
Doctor’s Cane 100 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Light, Versatile (1d6)
Double Spear 500 gold 1d6 piercing – Thrown (20/60), versatile (1d8)
Falx 800 gold 1d6 slashing – Versatile (1d8)
Fauchard 1,000 gold 1d6 slashing – Heavy, reach, two­handed
Gavel 1 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Undersized.
Greatspear 7,500 gold 1d8 piercing – Oversized (1d10), thrown (range 20/60), two­handed
Iron Claw 500 gold 1d3 piercing – Finesse, light, Hidden, Undersized.
Karambit 400 gold 1d4 slashing – Finesse, light.
Katar 500 gold 1d4 piercing – Finesse, light
Knife 1 gold 1d3 slashing – Finesse, Undersized, Hidden
Knuckle Axe 500 gold 1d4 slashing – Finesse, light.
Ko 100 gold 1d4 piercing or bludgeoning – Finesse, light, special, Undersized
Kukri 600 gold 1d6 slashing – Light, thrown (range 20/60).
Monk’s Glaive 500 gold 1d6 slashing – Versatile (1d8 piercing)
Needle 1 gold 1d4 piercing – Finesse, undersized, ranged 20/60
Sap 100 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Finesse, light, Hidden, Undersized.
Scythe 500 gold 2d4 slashing – Heavy, two­handed
Spade 200 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Versatile
Stiletto Knife 1 gold 1d4 Piercing – Finesse, hidden, light, thrown (20/60), undersized
Torch Mace 600 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Special
Torch Staff 1,200 gold 2d4 bludgeoning – Heavy, special, two­handed
Townshend’s Crudgel 3,800 gold 1d6 Bludgeoning – Versatile (1d8)
Unarmed Strike Variant ­ ­ ? gold ? damage – ?­ ­

Simple Ranged Weapons

Blowgun 500 gold 1d4+1 piercing – Ammunition (range 40/80),
two­handed, loading
Boomerang 100 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Light, Returning, thrown (range 30/120)
Plague Lancet 1,000 gold 1d4 piercing – Finesse, Thrown (20, 60)
Slingstaff 200 gold 1d6 bludgeoning – Ammunition (range 30/120), two­handed
Ring Sword 3,000 1d6 slashing

Martial Melee Weapons

Anchor 6,500 gold 2d6 bludgeoning or piercing – Heavy, two­handed, oversized, special
Arming Sword 2,000 gold 1d6 Piercing – Light, Finesse, Versatile (1d8)
Back Sword 1,000 gold 1d6 piercing – ?
Bec de Corbin 2,000 gp 2d4 piercing – Heavy, reach, two­handed
Boar Spear 1,000 gold 2d6 piercing – Heavy, two­handed
Broadsword 2,000 gold 2d4 Piercing – ?

Buster Sword 10,000 gold 3d6 slashing – Oversized, Two­Handed.
Buzzsaw 20,000 gold 3d6 Slashing – Heavy, Two­handed, Special
Chain, Bladed 800 gold 1d6 slashing – Finesse, heavy, reach, special, two­handed
Chain, Spiked 800 gold 1d6 piercing – Finesse, heavy, reach, special, two­handed
Chain, Weighted 800 gold 2d6 bludgeoning – Heavy, reach, special, two­handed
Chain­Dagger 3,500 gold 1d6 slashing – Disarming, finesse, reach, two­handed
Crescent Cleaver 2,500 gold 1d8 slashing/bludgeoning
Cutlass 1,000 gold 1d8 slashing – ?
Double Axe 3,000 gold 1d8 slashing – Heavy, two­handed, double weapon
Double Flail 2,000 gold 1d8 bludgeoning – Two­handed
Double Sword 2,000 gold 1d6 slashing – Versatile (1d8), light, double weapon
Dueling Shield 1,500 gold 1d8 bludgeoning – Heavy, special, two­handed
Dwarven Urgrosh 5,000 gold 1d10 slashing – Heavy, Two­handed
Elven Lightblade 5,000 gold 1d6 piercing – Finesse, Light, Special
Elven Thinblade 10,000 gold 1d8 piercing – Finesse, Special.
Epee 5,000 gold 1d2 Piercing – Special, Finesse
Estoc 2,500 gold 1d8 piercing – Versatile (1d10), Special
Falchion 1,000 gold 1d8 slashing – ?

Flanged Mace 2,500 gold 1d8 Bludgeoning – Versatile (1d10)
Flindbar 500 gold 1d10 bludgeoning – Heavy, Versatile (1d12)
Giant Axe 6,000 gold 4d4 slashing – Oversized, two­handed
Great Maul 15,000 gold 3d6 bludgeoning – Oversized, two­handed
Guandao 5,000 gold 1d12 slashing – Heavy, Reach, Two­handed
Guisarme 15,000 gold 2d4 slashing – Heavy, reach, two­handed
Gythka 400 gold 1d8 slashing – Heavy, Two­Handed
Heavy Flail 2,000 gold 1d12 bludgeoning – Heavy, two­handed
Hidden Blade 10,000 gold 1d4 Piercing – Hidden, Light, Finesse, Special.
Jian 5,000 gold 1d6 slashing – Finesse, light, versatile (1d8)
Katana 5,000 gold 1d8 slashing – Versatile (1d10)
Katana (variant) 5,000 gold 1d6 slashing – Finesse, light, versatile (1d8)
Kopis 2,500 gold 1d8 slashing – Finesse
Lajav 2,500 1d8 Bludgeoning – Finesse, Heavy, Two­Handed, Special*
Long Blade 2,000 gold 2d4 piercing – Heavy, reach, two­handed
Long Cane 500 gold 1d8 piercing – Reach, two­handed
Longspear 300 gold 1d6 piercing – Heavy, reach, versatile (1d8)
Longstaff 1 gold 1d8 bludgeoning – Heavy, reach, special, two­handed
Man Catcher 2,500 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Two­handed, reach, special
Meteor Hammer 3,000 gold 1d6 bludgeoning – Two­handed, Special
Monk’s Spade 1,000 gold 1d6 slashing – Reach, Versatile (1d8)
Parrying Dagger 500 gold 1d4 piercing – Finesse, light, special.
Pole Mace 8,000 gold 2d6 bludgeon – Heavy, Reach, Two­handed
Pollaxe 2,000 gold 2d4 bludgeoning – Heavy, reach, two­handed
Reaper’s Scythe 500 gold 1d10 slashing – Versatile
Saber 3,500 gold 1d8 Slashing – Light, Finesse
Scissor Sword 30,000 gold 1d6 Slashing – Light, Heavy
Side Sword 2,500 gold 1d6 Piercing – Light, Special
Small Sword 1,000 gold 1d6 piercing – Light, Finesse
Sword Breaker 1,500 gold 1d4 Piercing – Light, Special.
Talwar 3,000 gold 1d8 slashing 3 – Finesse
Throwing Glaive 2,500 gold 1d6 slashing – Finesse, light, returning, thrown (range 30/60)
Two­Handed Morningstar 2,500 gold 1d12 piercing – Heavy, two­handed
Voulge 2,500 gold 1d10 piercing/slashing – Heavy, Two­handed
War Saw 16,000 gold 2d8 Slashing – Two­Handed, Heavy, Loading, Special
Winged Punching Blade 2,000 gold 1d6 Piercing/Slashing – Finesse
Zanbatō 10,000 gold 2d8 Slashing – Two Handed, Reach, Heavy, Special
Zerka 100 gold 1d8 piercing – Thrown, Special (range 40/160)

Martial Ranged Weapons

Atlatl 500 gold 1d6 piercing – Ammunition, Range(50­-100), Special
Bladed Long Bow 10,000 gold 1d8 Piercing / 1d8 Slashing – e.g. Ammunition (range 150/600), heavy, two­handed, special
Bolas 100 gold 1d4 bludgeoning – Special, thrown (range 20/60).
Chakram 800 gold 1d8 slashing – Finesse, thrown (range 20/60)
Chatkcha 100 gold 1d6 slashing – Finesse, Light, Thrown(30/120), Special*
Crossbow, Repeating 25,000 gold 2d4 piercing – Ammunition (range 80/320), heavy, reload (10 shots), two­handed
Greatbow 5,000 gold 1d10 piercing – Heavy, Ammunition (range 200/800), Two­handed
Throwing Hammer 1,500 gold 1d6 bludgeoning – Thrown (60/120)


Blunderbuss 25,000 gold 2d6 piercing – Ammunition (range 20/60), Loading, Two­handed
Dragon 20,000 gold 2d4 piercing – Ammunition (range 20/60), Loading
Musket, Rifled 75,000 gold 2d8 Piercing – Ammunition (Range 80/320), Loading, Two­Handed, Heavy
Shot (20) 600 gold
Pistol Sword 27,500 gold 1d6 piercing
Small Pistol 15,000 gold 1d8 piercing



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