Krallyn of Ore


HP: 17
AC: 13
Str: 11
Int: 16

Staff (1 to attack/damage rolls)
Armored robes (
3 AC)
Short Sword (1d6 damage)


  • Natural Defense: 1 free attack with tail, (1d6 damage)
  • Ray of Frost: 60ft, a Frigid beam of blue white light streaks towards a creature, (1d8 damage)
  • Telekinesis: 60ft, mave a creature ( small-huge) or an Object (up 1000 lbs) up to 30ft, creature makes a saving throw (str.)
  • Phantasmal Killer: 120ft turn your enemies nightmares agianst them. Creatures must make a Int saving throw or take 2d10 damage ever turn.
  • Ice storm: 300ft creates a 20ft radius and 40ft high cylinder storm. each creature in the storm must make a Dex check or take (1d8) of damage and (2d6) of damage.

The shop keeper at the Sapphire Griffin.

Krallyn of Ore

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