Lord Bealfire


Lord Bealfire (Half-Dwarf)

Will of Stone: Dwarves cannot be Intimidated or Feared and gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls with hammers, axes and two-handed melee weapons (does not stack).
Master Grapple:Character receives an additional +8 to all grapple checks and can initiate a grapple check after an opponent fails a trip attempt against them.
Crippling Leg Hold:Each grapple check you win while pinning your opponent, you can attempt to cripple your opponent. Your opponent must make a fortitude save against 10 + your grapple bonus, as long as you and the person you are grappling both remain immobile (granting opponents a +4 bonus to attack you). If your opponent fails this save, they take 1d6 ability damage to Dexterity and can not move more than half base speed. Non humanoids get a +5 circumstance bonus to save against this attack and creatures immune to critical hits get a +5 circumstance bonus to save as well. Creatures without limbs are immune to this attack.
(Fists: +11 to att, 2d6 + 6)
(Kicks: +11 to att, 1d6 + 6)

Pro Maneuvers: At 3rd level the Pit-Fighter can perform Pro Maneuvers. You must declare that you are using a Pro Maneuver before you make your Grapple check (thus a failed Grapple check ruins the attempt). If the Pit-Fighters Grapple check is successful, the foe must make a Dex saving throw(DC 10 + 1/2 Pit-Fighters level + Pit-Fighters Str modifier). If the foes saving throw is successful, the entire grapple is broken and the Pro Maneuver fails. If the foes saving throw fails, the Pit-Fighter may perform a Pro Maneuver. Pro Maneuvers incur grapple damage, plus any damage or effect specified. Certain Pro Maneuvers may be performed off of elevated platforms and onto the ground below. For every 5 feet of distance, add 1d4 damage to both the opponent and the Pit-Fighter. The Pit-Fighter may roll a jump or tumble check against a DC 5 for every 5 feet of height to negate damage incurred on himself. For example, if a Pro Maneuver is performed from a height of 20 feet, roll against a DC20. The Pit-Fighter may attempt a Pro Manuever once per encounter for every 3 levels she has attained, and no more than once per round. These are the Pro Manuevers:

  • DDT: The DDT is performed by putting the opponent in a front headlock and falling backwards so that the opponent is forced to dive forward onto his or her head. The victim incurs 1d4 + Str modifier damage and is stunned.
  • Powerbomb: The Powerbomb is performed by flipping the opponent onto your shoulders and then, grasping his legs, slamming him back-first into the floor. This deals 1d4 + Str modifier, and the target is knocked prone.
  • Big Swing: The Pit-Fighter grabs the target by the ankles and spins them around and around in a circle. The Pit-Fighter then releases the target and sends them flying in a chosen direction. Roll an strength check against a DC 15. For every 5 points you exceed the DC 10 check, you throw your opponent 5 feet. You may also add 5 feet for each size category you are larger than the opponent. If your Strength check is less than 10, you still toss your opponent 5 feet. In this case they have still “fallen” but won’t take damage from the fall. Opponent takes 1d4 + Str modifier points of damage per 10 feet thrown. A victim striking a wall or other obstacle will take damage as if they were thrown the full distance. The DC increases by 10 for every size category that the enemy is larger than the Pit-Fighter
  • Piledriver: The Pit-Fighter grabs his opponent, turns him upside-down, and drops into a sitting or kneeling position, driving the opponent head-first into the ground. The target takes 1d6 + Str modifier damage and must roll a Fortitude saving throw against a DC10 + Str modifier to resist paralysis.
    Powerslam: The Pit-Fighter lifts the opponent up so they are horizontal across the Pit-Fighters body, then falls forward to slam the opponent against the ground back-first. The target takes 1d4 + Str modifier damage and is pinned.
  • Back Breaker:’ The opponent is lifted horizontally onto the Pit-Fighters shoulders, then quickly lifted and slammed back first onto the Pit-Fighters knee. The target takes 1d8 + Str modifier damage and must roll a Fortitude saving throw against a DC15 + Str modifier to resist paralysis. Due to the difficulty of this move, the enemies receive a +2 bonus on their fortitude save against it.
  • Face Buster: The Pit-Fighter grabs the back of the opponents head with both hands and slams their face into the ground. This deals 1d4 damage and the target is blinded from facial bruising for 1d4 rounds and deafened for one round.
  • Chokeslam: The Pit-Fighter grasps their foe by the throat and lifts them into the air, then slams them down back onto the ground. The target takes 1d4 + Str modifier damage and must roll a Will saving throw against a DC10+ Pit-Fighters Intimidation bonus + Strength modifier to resist fear. Even if the saving throw is successful, the target is left shaken until the Pit-Fighter takes damage.

Lord Bealfire is one the eight counselor that rule over Luitha and its capital Castiel. Lord Bealfire rules over the Iron District of the capital. This district is home to all the armor and weapons shops in the city. His fortress northeast of Castiel and craved from one of the mountains that divide Luthia and Kragnar. The only safe route for traders to pass through the Mountains of Storms to get to the cities of Kragnar.

The Party met Lord Bealfire when they took the job to retrieve a stolen family heirloom. When asked if Lord Bealfire knew who had stolen it; he answered that he had and that it was his brother Sandal and his band of traitors. Seeing as the Pit Tournaments of the Iron District were being held; Lord Bealfire couldn’t leave to retrieve it himself. The party agree to get the family heirloom back. After tracking the thieves to a mountain trail and plateau; the party was attacked but swiftly dealt with the band of traitors and returned the family hammer to Lord Bealfire.

Okami enter the Pit Tournaments and ended up getting to fight Lord Bealfire for the title of Champion of the Pits. After what was largely a one side fight Okami won the Title; leaving Lord Bealfire in far worse shape then expected but excited to Fight Okami again some day.

Lord Bealfire

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