Lord Fletcher


Lord Fletcher is one the eight counselor that rule over Luitha and its capital Castiel. Lord Fletcher rules over the Pearl district of the capital. This district is home to almost all the magical shops in the city. His keep and ruling land (called Griffinstail) is north of Castiel and craved from one of the mountains that divide Luthia and Kragnar.

The party first met him while on a mission from Mr. Goldenblood; when they were hired as protection from what seemed to be an assassination attempt on his life. When the party went to do the job, however, they encounter far more than an assassins. They found that a cult of Evil magic users that were planing on carrying out an evil plan to take over the city and planned to do it with flesh golems that were made for Lord Fletcher’s staff and guards. The party ended up stopping the Cult of Bane before they could finish their construction of golems and ultimately saved Lord Fletcher, his courtesan, and Aladar of Ore.

Once Lord Fletcher was safe he then hired the party to find his children. This lead the party to go to Lord Fletcher’s Keep in Griffinstail; where the found the Cult of Bane had been busy growing an army and trying to preform some sort of ritual. Thankfully the party was able to stop the ritual and save Lord Fletcher’s children.

Lord Fletcher

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