The Marshy Isles


Dear recipient,
I’m sure you are completely unaware that you’re been under my eye for some time now. I must say your past deeds are quite interesting. I regret to inform you that I have some very valuable information regarding to you. In the wrong hands may be detrimental yo your health. I advise you to meet me in the small village of Riversweep; in The Marshy Isles of Luthia
Best Regards,
Mr. Goldenblood.

Our adventures all receiving this letter head towards the small village of Riversweep. As Scott, Okami, Cirroc and Adrian all depart the ship that carried them to the village; each one finding out that other adventures were also on a similar venture to find the person known as Mr. Goldenblood; they spent sometime talking. There was some distrust as everyone told the others very little about their pasts. Then after everyone felt somewhat comfortable they head towards the town.

The first building they party came to was a rickety, black moss covered tavern call The Black Unicorn. As Scott and Okami decided to enter the tavern while Cirroc and Adrian stood outside. Cirroc questioned Adrian on how trust worthy Okami was. Adrian said little on the matter.

Scott and Okami entered the tavern immediately being hit by a horrible smell of stale alcohol and damped, cold piss. Scott sought to flirt with the bartender Cyric. Cyric unfazed by the flirting answered her questions begrudgingly. Cirroc and Adrian enter the tavern and Cirroc gains the unwanted attention of the Orc Brog who was sitting in the back of the bar.
As the whole party asked around the tavern whether anyone knew of Mr. Goldenblood Cirroc began to drink the strongest alcohol in the place. After becoming drunk, Okami walked Cirroc out of the tavern. Suddenly an arrow shot form across the river hits Cirroc in the shoulder. Okami dropped Cirroc and plunged into the river. Scott removes the arrow discovering a message for the party:

“It’s seems you all were smart enough to come. But that was only the first step in meeting Mr. Goldenblood. You still haven’t proven yourselves worthy to meet him. Find the abandoned building in the forest; if you make it there you be given further instructions”

Once Okami returned from his swim to the other side of the river that proved to be useless in telling them anything about the attacker. The party asked Cyric about the abandoned building in forest. Cyric , happy to get rid of them, told them about the abandoned wind mill in the forest. Sending the party south of town towards the mill with a word of warning to not touch the wood.

Adrian lead the group into the forest as Scott carried Cirroc who was sleeping off the alcohol. Upon waking up a few hours later hungover Scott dropped Cirroc and handed him a walking stick that she had found while walking. Adrian sensed that the party was being watch minutes before the party was attack by the roots of the forest. The battle lasted a short while as the party fought back the roots allowing them to continue on the path to the Mill.

Once the party arrived at the run down wind mill they cautiously walked towards the building to find it completely in ruins. Parts of the ceiling had collapsed inward and the strange block mold growing everywhere. Smoke and light of a small fire emitting from inside the mill. Once inside the party found a Wilden dressed in black leather armor with a golden tear drop on the breast and shoulders. The party soon finds out that the Wilden is named Gnrall. After some introductions, Gnrall informed the party that Mr. Goldenblood had tasked them with acquiring a newly purchased pet that had gone missing. Gnrall told the party to start asking around the sailor guild or the merchant guild. Before leaving the mill the party asked Gnrall how they would be able to subdue the pet if it got out of hand. Gnrall responses with run if that happens. He ends up giving them a vile of poison that he was cooking. All agreeing that they should start looking at the merchant’s guild in the village.

The party then headed back to town. For some reason the forest didn’t attack the party on the way back. Once in the village the party asked a villager where they could find the The Golden Stages. Heading towards the open market the party came upon a building that seemed horrible out of place. The building was larger than the other building in the village and was made of a dark wood that wasn’t like the wood of the forest. Two huge craved wooden dwarf statues guarded the door while holding the torches. Once inside the party was hit with the pleasant smells. The interior of the guild was lavished with tapestries, rugs of rich colors lining the floor and a Tiefling, engrossed its work, sitting a desk. The party introduce them selves to the Tiefling. He introduced himself as Gaelen and went to grab the head of the guild. After a few moments the Tiefling came back with a female halfing Harlyn and her dwarf body guard in tow.

The party immediately started to question the Halfing regarding Mr. Goldenblood’[s delivery. Harlyn quickly asked the group to follow her to her office up stairs. Her office looked like a salon one would find in the Purplegrain Desert. I was richly lavished with couches and the air hung heavy with burning incense. Once the party had settled in Harlyn started to answer the parties questions. She reluctantly told the party that the Golden Stags had recived word from Castiel that the boat had arrived in the city to the best of there knowledge. The Party then informed Harlyn that it had in fact not made it to the city and that if Harlyn didn’t want the party to tell Mr. Goldenblood that the Golden Stags were unreliable. At the very thought Mr. Goldenblood would finding out sent Harlyn into a distress to which she told the party everything she knew about the delivery. She then directed the party to the sailors guild to gain a pass to travel to the Capital and allowed them the use her personal trading ship. Before leaving the party asked her bodyguard if he would like to join them. He gave them a price that they could hire him. The price was thought to be too high and the party set out towards the docks to get to the sailors guild.

As the party approached the sailor’s guild which was located in a marooned ship on the dock they noticed that the Harlyn’s ship was close by. After talking to the Sailor’s Guilds very quickly about gaining a passage to the capital. Thus the party traveled north towards the city. A few hours into their travel the party spied a ship wreck. The party stopped to invesgate the scene. After closer inspection of the bodies Adrian was able to fine a scroll with words on it written in giant. Cirrroc and Okami were able to determine that a fight had broken out on the ship which the hull had been scorched with flames and a huge whole that was seemed to be bursting out from the inside. Adrian was also able to determine that some of the bodies on the sand were followers of a cult of the god Bane and the other bodies were wearing armor similar to Gnrall. After looking at the whole scene on the shore the party decided to venture in to the woods were a newly formed trail had emerged.

After a few minutes of walking the party came upon a clear with what seemed to be a huge boulder in the center. As they approached the boulder began to move and soon the party realized that it was in fact a huge mountain troll. Their is a metal apparatus that on the trolls head which causes the troll to not be able to see. Behind the troll was a large trunk that seem to have a very strong magical aura The troll grunts and starts to speak giant. Adrian cautiously begins to talk to the troll while the rest of the party gets in to position to attack it if need be. After some time talking to Adrian the party learns that its name is U’nok. U’nok starts find Adrian bother some and grabs a dead tree and rips it from the trunk to swing at Adrian. The tree hit Adrian sending him flying into the forest unconscious. Cirroc quickly wakes Adrian and sends him to try and stop U’nok. Realizing shortly after that the scroll Adrian had found earlier were command words to control U’nok. After saying the words to gain control over him Adrian tells U’nok to bring the trunk back to the ship they were on.

Once all of the party was back at the ship and the trunk and U’nok on board; they set off to the capital to meet the very man that had sent them to get back the package.



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