Okami Sin

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Name: Okami Sin
Level: 9
Race: Human
Class: Martial Artist
Age: 20
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 210 pounds
Deity: None, Only believes in himself.
Languages: Common
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Player Renown: +5
Group Renown: +2
Total Renown: +7


Hit Points: 66 (roll 1d8 every level)
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 19 (2 from class, 2 stat points from racial, 1 from level five, 2 from bracers, 1 from nat 20 roll)
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 15
Charisma: 12
Movement Speed: 9 MS
Armor Class: 10 + 8 from dex + 2 from gear = 20 AC


Standard Attack 4 Dex mod + 4 prof = +8 attack

Standard Damage 4 dex mod = +4 Damage

Basic Gi – +2 Armor class
Knuckle wraps – +2 to grip checks
Jewel encrusted bracers + 2 dexterity
Foot wrappings – +2 to grip checks, enchanted for +5 stealth checks
Crystal Knuckles: 2d8 dmg + 1d8 Holy
Poison Resist necklace – Advantage on Poison checks

10 health potions
4 smoke bombs for 3×3 spaces lasts 4 turns
5 stink bombs
Fire starting kit
130 feet worth of rope
Cultist robes
30ft iron chain grappling hook
Earring of speech
12 rations
1 obsidian ore


Gunpowder – 20 doses worth
Umberhulk half mandible and forearm
brass knuckles – 1d4 dmg, enchanted level 2 life steal 1d6 health per hit not added as dmg
Tiamat crimson crystal
unknown deity violet crystal

Key to Lord Fletcher’s mansion
Scrawled-up note of cult leader’s plan
Magic merchant exchanging stone
Fletcher tower master key
Gryphon hatched being looked after
Bayne Tailsman
Bahamut Charm
Blood Stained Scout orders


Character Racial

Conqueror’s Right: At first level the player gains an additional 2 Skill Points and Ability of their choice. (This ability cannot be upgraded.)

Character Abilities (Passive)

Martial Arts Mastery (Level 3): The Player gains +2 extra action points to be used while attacking. A punch consumes 1 action point and a kick consumes 2. (total = 3 available points). All skills cost 1 less action point but can go no lower than 1.

Dexterous Dodge (Level 1): Being so skilled and agile the player now adds an extra 1d6 to his AC once per round in the midst of an attack.

Opportunist (Level 0): The player no longer takes attacks of opportunities against himself when moving away from an enemy.

Character Abilities (Active)

Inner Gates (Level 4): This is considered a Minor Action. it can be activated in increments.
Level 1 – Gate of Opening grants +1 to Dex and movement speed, 1 round cool down, lasts 1d4

Level 2 – Gate of Healing grants +2 to Dex and movement speed, 2 round cool down, lasts 1d4

Level 3 – Gate of Life grants the player the ability to use Focus Stomp, +3 to the above, 2 round cool down, lasts 1d4, Penalty: -1 to above for 1 turn.

Level 4 – Gate of Pain grants the player the ability to use Asakujaku, +5 to the above, 3 round cool down, lasts 1 + 1d4 turns, Penalty: – 3 to above for 1 turns.

Level 5 – Gate of Limit grants the player the ability to use Diable Jamble, + 7 to the above, 4 round cool down, lasts 1 + 1d4 turns, Penalty: -5 to above for 2 turns.

Level 6 – Gate of View grants the player the ability to use Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike, + 10 to the above as well as +1 action points, 5 round cooldown, lasts 2 + 1d4 turns, Penalty: -7 to above for 2 turns, also lose 25% of max hp after coming out of the form.

Level 7 – Gate of Wonder grants the player the ability to use Hirudora, +10 to the above as well as +2 action points, 6 round cool down, lasts 2 + 1d4 turns, Penalty: -10 to above for 3 turns, also lose 50% of max hp after coming out of the form.

Soul Crushing Strike (Level 1): The player uses their ki infused fist to attack the enemy for 1d6 damage. consumes 1 action point.

^^ once it hits level 4 add the effect of dazing the foe to lose one action or attack of theirs.

Focus Stomp (Level 1): The player uses their leg to attempt to crush the enemy crippling them in the process. This attack does 1d10 dmg and will knock them prone if the attack is +5 over their AC. If they are already grounded it will inflict a 1d4 bleed damage and take away 1 major action if the attack roll is more than 5 or higher against the enemy’s AC. Consumes 2 action points.

Asakujaku (Level 1): Through the in depth studying of the Inner Gates ability the player is able to punch so fast and rapidly he causes fire to fly from his fists from the friction of the air. Deals 1d8 + 3 fire and physical damage and leaves the enemy burning for 4 fire damage for 1d4 turns. This applies to the enemies in a 2×2 cone in front of the player. This Consumes 3 Action Points.

Diable Jamble (Level 0): The player moves their leg so fast while attacking the enemy that it generates such intense heat that its almost like the devil’s own leg. This will inflict 1d10 physical and 1d6 fire damage and stun the enemy for 1 turn. Consumes 3 Action Points.

Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike (Level 0): With opening the 6th Inner Gate the player is able to use their high speed and Charge and enemy along with sending a powerful punch that sends a shock wave through the enemy bypassing any armor they are wearing (but not AC from dexterity). This does 1d10 and 1d8 ongoing bleed damage from internal bleeding. This Consumes 2 action points.

Hirudora (Level 0): By opening the 7th Inner Gate the player unlocks so much power that he is capable of Using Hirudora. It is a focused punch that unleashse an enormous amount of air pressure as if it was a cannon in front of the player. This attack goes up to 30ft in front of the player and will explode on contact with the first object it hits in a 2×2 area. it causes 4d8 damage + 5 sonic damage and consumes 3 action points. May only be used once per battle.

Character Bonus Abilities

Dexterous Might: Any melee attacks made by the player now are based off Dexterity instead of Strength due to the players backstory and training regiments.

Tracking Expertise: Okami having lived in a forest for a majority of his life has become more skilled at tracking and gains +2 to tracking checks.

Unique Items

Golden Lion statute x2: lasts 1 hour in lion form and cannot be used again until 7 days have passed.
Hp: 26
Str: 17
Dex: 15
Int: 6
Ms: 10
Keen smell Advantage on perception checks
Pack tactics Lion has advantage on attack rolls if ally is within 5ft from the lion and isn’t incapacitated.
Pounce If the lion moves at least 20ft straight towards an opponent and hits it with a claw attack, the target must make a DC of 13 or be knocked prone. Lion can then make a bonus bite attack as well.
Running leap 10ft running start, lion can jump 25ft foward.
Bite melee attack damage 1d8 +7 from mod
Claw melee attack damage 1d6 +7 from mod


From a young age Okami has been on his own with his parents passing away when he was just a few years old. Without anyone to look after him he was taken advantage of and bullied by the nobles of his town. The nobles turned him into a slave because of his unnatural physical abilities as a child. He was Just a strong as an average adult slave they owned and twice as quick. This strength he possessed could be credited to his self upbringing at a young age.

As a teenager the boy grew only ever stronger after being put to work non-stop by his masters. He was sent to gather wood one day and was out collecting when he saw another man there too. Not many people go this far from the village because of beasts but he realized immediately this man was well built. Upon questioning this man why he was out here he too was gathering wood so they continued on together. Eventually coming upon a good gathering of trees for firewood Okami takes out his axe to start chopping to show off as a young teenager would do. The man sees this and he seems amused if not slightly intrigued that Okami had this much strength for being so slim. After cutting down a tree he notices that the man has not even started and Okami asks why and the stranger replies that its his turn now. This is when Okami notices he doesn’t even have an axe but before he can question why the man kicks the base of the tree. A loud snapping noise is heard and the tree starts to fall. Okami bright with joy and excitement immediately jumps around asking the man how he did that and asking of his name. He revealed his name as Unwol and that anyone of his degree of martial arts could do that easily.

Unwol having revealed he’s a martial artist is immediately pestered by Okami to show him how to become that strong and after a few minutes of pestering go by he gives in only because Okami shows some talent. Unwol teaches Okami everything of his branch (Black Heaven and Earth) and reveals that there can only be one master at a time, and that the master may only pass down the secret arts to one disciple. Okami realizes what he means that understands that one day he will need to face his master in a deathmatch. This is so only someone worthy may be able to carry on these techniques, should the disciple die then that means they were to weak to handle them.

After 6 years pass by Okami is now 20 and has learned and trained rigorously with his master. During those 6 years Okami left his slave owner masters with his own power he now has acquired and lives with his new chosen master, Unwol.

One day during a training session in the woods Okami was attempting to cut down a tree with just his leg power but he only manged to shake it a great amount causing leaves to fall everywhere. Some time goes by and he sees a man that he immediately recognized as Unwol but after a few more seconds he noticed it was just someone with a similar aura and build. This man walks up to Okami and greets him and asks if Okami is also a martial artist. After talking for a bit the man bids Okami farewell and that he has personal matters to attend to strangely enough in the middle of nowhere. The sun is setting now and Okami starts heading home and on the way hears noises as he gets closer. He realizes a fight is occurring at his hut and is able to see 2 quick moving shadows fighting. The very same stranger from before is now standing over Unwol and, with Okami closing in and watching, deals a fatal blow to his master. This sends Okami into a rage and he attempts to fight this man but is quickly out maneuvered and then Unwol yells to stop and avoid fighting. Unwol continues on saying he is too strong for Okami as he is now and that he was Unwols co-disciple long ago. Unwol was chosen over this stranger known as Gudak to inherit the secret techniques and fight their master to the death. Gudak reveals that he should’ve been chosen since he has much more power and strength than Unwol and has since invented his own variation of Black Heaven and Earth techniques. Unwol states Gudak’s version is based off hatred and anger and that is not what Black Heaven and Earth is used for and that he will never unlock its full potential.

With Gudak running away he warns Okami that he will be the perfect test for his own disciple and that he should be expecting him in the near future. Okami turns back to Unwol and with his last breath tells Okami never to follow the path that Gudak has and says that it will corrupt your techniques, a clear mind and body is a powerful one.

Okami’s master now dead he sets off to train harder than ever and prove that his Black Heaven and Earth Techniques are the only true ones out there. He aims to be the strongest there has ever been in this world and the next.


Having received a letter stating that a person by the name of GoldenBlood has information on what Okami is looking for, he sets out to a marshy town of Riversweep. Once there he meets other travelers also looking for the very same man so he decides to tag along with them. After receiving a message via arrow to the shoulder of his traveling companion, Okami and the group set off to do a small favor for a subordinate of Goldenblood called Gnrall. He tells the group that they need to retrieve a treasure of Mr Goldenblood that has been misplaced.

The party then goes to the local merchants guild and after some convincing manages to rent a boat to travel up river to retrieve this lost treasure chest of Goldenblood’s. a few hours up the river and the party finds a troll protecting the chest, we managed to tame it as it is the chests bodyguard and we told the troll, U’nok, that we work for Goldenblood. With this we bring both along the ship and are then told by Gnrall who is waiting on the ship that Goldenblood is waiting in the Capital up the river more.

The group arrives and immediately is led to a sewer in which their headquarters is located, the party is also greeted by twin sisters who have an interesting power and odd appearances with their hair color and eye color. Told that Goldenblood is away on business, the group decides to do some exploring and shopping in the city. Okami finds a few merchants to help fund this current adventure at a discounted price.

Returning back to the base a day later reveals Goldenblood has arrrived. With this he gives us one more tasks and after this the information we all want will be revealed. Our new quest is to protect councilman Fletcher from a cult. In the end the group arrives a bit late with all the staff being killed off but just in time to save Fletcher.

Fletcher asks that we rescue his children who were most likely taken by the cultists back to their home castle and has Krallyn help us since Scott was nowhere to be found. Firstly we return to Goldenblood who gives us our information we so desperately seek. Okami’s information reads as follows:

“The men you are seeking were last seen boarding a boat to the Valen colony port Caenbel. As far as what happened next we are unsure other than the fact that they intended to sail to Valen.”

So with this the group travels to the castle by horse and arrives in the town near it at night. As the party enters town they notice blood trails all coming out from the doors of people’s homes and the town is dead silent. After some inspection inside the local inn loud noises are heard from outside. The group encounters a cadaver carrier. After having trouble dispatching of the monster they head up the hillside towards the castle in the distance.

Upon arriving at the castle the group stealths in with Okami taking lead and grappling over the castle walls. As Okami takes out some of the cultists along the top of the wall he sends the grapple rope back down for cirroc to join him while Adrian and Krallyn stay hidden below near the gate waiting for their signal. After dispatching of the cultists into the ravine, the group travels into the courtyard and raises the draw bridge as to be sure no one escapes.

Once inside the castle they encounter an enormous main hallway and begin their search of children and as well as the cultists to stop their vile plans. After searching around the party hears noises and two cultists that have stayed behind to loot the castle for personal gain. Okami ends up sneaking in on them and knocking them out to tie them up and interrogate them. The first one not complying with Okami ends up being killed by him. The second one having seen this gives in and tells the party what they want to know only after Okami breaks a few of their fingers. In the end Okami kills the second cultist because they sacrificed so many for their cause to resurrect the daughter of ????. Okami believes to attain power it should be done with ones own strength.

After finding a lead on where Fletcher’s son might be the party heads down into the dungeon of the castle. There they find very twisted and mentally ill prisoners and then finally at the back of the prison cells they find a teenage boy scared and gravely injured. Krallyn agrees to stay behind with Fletcher’s son and heal him back to health and that our party will continue on to find the daughter who is being used as the sacrificial host for summoning the daughter of ???. Throughout the party’s time spent in the castle they have felt a nonstop flow of evil magic from the upper floors. They begin making their way to the throne room first as to use the secret passage to gain access to the upper floors unnoticed. On their way they are able to successfully take down roughly 15 cultists in a quiet fashion.

Having now arrived at the source of magic they find many cultists all in a circle with runes of blood on the ground and the daughter in the center. The party sneaks in under the guise of being fellow cultists and see the cult leader presenting a speech. Before they can make any actions they are immediately noticed by the leader and that she was waiting for us. At this note Okami quickly reacts to still maintain a sneak attack and goes for the leader but she quickly teleports away.

After a long and arduous fight the group manages to kill all the cultists but the ritual surrounding Fletcher’s daughter is still occurring. Adrian and the now present Scott, who had only just recently teleported in from the ceiling at random, are trying to restrain the daughter and stop the ritual. Cirroc then joins in shortly after along with Okami. The party all together tries to take in this magical energy that is within Fletcher’s daughter and has many difficulties with this but they end up managing to disperse the magic energy through Adran. Cirroc manages to control the energy so well within himself that he contains it in a locket as well as Adrian within his magic lantern. Okami frustratingly fails at this and nearly loses his right arm with the energy searing through it and burning his flesh.

Okami immediately rushes to give Fletcher’s daughter a health potion to stabilize her. With this they bring her to Krallyn and take a short rest while he stabilizes her further. Krallyn then opens a portal to Castiel where Fletcher and Goldenblood await to hear our results. The party immediately goes to Fletcher with his children in tow and receive 50,000 gold pieces as well as special trinkets. Okami received two golden lion statutes that are able to both transform into golden lions to help aid in battle.

End of Act I

Gryphon eggs

Okami and the group accept a contract from Goldenblood to visit Lord Bealfire to take back a stolen item. We meet up with the Lord and are told that his brother stole his mighty hammer which is a symbol of him being clan leader. The party rents some horses from the local stables and ride out to catch up before crossing the border into Kragnar. They leave their horses at the bottom of a mountain trail and scale the mountain. Adrian nearly falls and dies but Okami manages to catch him and then ties a rope around him for safety measures. The group confronts Bealfire’s brother and engage in a fight with him and his thugs after briefly trying to convince him to pass the hammer to the group. With their easy defeat the party takes their horses of which were also at the bottom of the mountain pass and decide to keep them for themselves.

The party returns to Castiel along with the head of Bealfire’s brother which Cirroc took as proof of his demise. We find the Lord in his fighting pits defending his title as champion and greet him as he finishes up his epic battle. He compensates the group with 20,000 gold to the whole party for a job well done. Okami being unsatisfied decides to join the fighting pits and hope to be able to fight the champion head on head. Cirroc as well decides to join the pits and both are placed in separate brackets. Cirroc fights his own kanyian kind while the first round with Okami is against a goliath woman wearing the hair of humans as a pelt. WIth much struggle Okami manages to defeat the Goliath but only after having one of his arms broken by her. Cirroc on the other hand has a very close match but is sadly defeated. Meanwhile Adrian is sitting in the stands mad that he is unable to use his magic in the field and so decides to sit this one out.

After Okami is healed during the intermission between fights by the pit medic, he is then encouraged by Cirroc (once he awakes) and Lord Bealfire to keep going and good luck. Okami is off into the second round facing off against a Wilden. He feels their punches much more intensely with them being made of wood but they are too slow to land many hits on him. As he dodges about the arena he lands the finishing blow of consecutive punches to her. As each punch lands you see her splinter more and more with wood chips falling to the ground around them. She lands with a thud on the ground. WIth this second easier victory under Okami’s belt all is left is the to face the champion, Lord Bealfire.

With the two about to fight, Adrian and Cirroc both place down money on Okami with a 5:1 odds of winning. Cirroc puts down a few hundred, while Adrian puts down 10,000 gold being so confident in Okami. Okami enters the ring first with some mixed cheering and booing among the crowd. Next out is Lord bealfire, the crowd all stands and increases their volume which was thought to be impossible with the current roar of them. The match begins and Okami rushes right in and starts punching at him wildly managing to push him back more than Okami expected. Bealfire reacts just as furiously and throws the hardest punch Okami has ever felt in his life, Okami realizes if he doesn’t start dodging then this fight is sure to be over quickly. Okami kicks out Bealfire’s legs and then stomps on him to inflict serious damage to which Bealfire is unable to stand up for a few seconds. Okami just being slightly out of breath gets pounded by Bealfire once more. Okami is only able to take one or two more punches from this strong dwarf before being knocked out cold. With this he bites his lip and just dives in and hopes that one of these punches he is throwing will knock this strong willed dwarf down for good. But in Okami’s disparity he misses a punch and is left wide open to which Bealfire takes advantage. The room is spinning and Okami knows he only has a few seconds before he loses strength in his legs. Okami focuses as much strength into his one fist and sends it straight into Bealfire’s chest as he is about to hit Okami. This one punch sends Bealfire into the wall of the arena with a loud smack sound as his flesh hits the wall. The crowd goes silent as they aren’t sure what just happened until Okami starts moving from his punch he just threw. They all scream “OKAMI!!!” as they see Bealfire lean foward and then plop into the dirt. Okami drops to his knees and slicks his hair back to take in this moment and rest a bit and yells out his to his party that he won (especially to Adrian). With this Okami is known through out Castiel as the knew champion of the pits and as the one who managed to end Bealfire’s win streak. This will be told many times through out the night on this eve throughout many taverns and inns alike.


Meeting the Professor and the Doctor

Okami Sin

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