Rovos the Red

The Leader of the HawkCree Kanynian Pack.




The HawkCree are consider (even among their own people) to be much more primitive pack. They live in the Mountains of Storms which is the mountain range in the eastern lands of Kragnar. Due to the harsh living conditions on the mountains the pack tends to focus more in terms of survival rather than anything else. As such those that are weak are usually left to die in the cold or starve. The HawkCree tend to be on very go terms with the giants that are also know to inhabit the area.

Rovos leads the HawkCree Clan. Cirroc fought with Rovos in the pits and ended up losing. Later Cirroc spoke to Rovos about if he had seen any other Kayians in his travels. Rovos explains that he has only seen some in the east. Rovos mentions to Cirroc that he wasn’t expecting him to be in control of his instincts as him being from the Navocrow. Cirroc asked if Rovos would teach him how to hone this skill. Rovos accepted to train him and asked that he come to the tavern the Leaky Sink in the Sapphire District of Castiel. On the way there though Cirroc was being watched and after trying to find out who was following him; was eventually pick pocketed. This lead to a chase around the Sapphire District. Cirroc eventually caught the thief which turned out to be another Kayian, Liara. She and Cirroc argued until Rovos (who later turned out to be her father) arrives and calms the situation and buys the party a drink and answers Cirroc’s many questions. Rovos tells Cirroc that he will need to be tested inorder to truly be chosen as the new Navocrow Clan leader. To do this Rovos suggests that he travel to the Mystic Grove in the Shadow Fells where the first Kayians came from. But Cirroc frist needs to make the pendant whole again to enter the grove.

Rovos the Red

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